“Suicide King”

The Suicide King is a huge file. 3′ x 4′. It can actually get bigger than that! Rendered in Affinity Design and Illustrator then given a pop of texture in Photoshop. The third in a series of playing cards based on a Bicycle deck.

I will print 20 signed and numbered copies of this print. That’s it. Send me an email if you want to be 1 of 20.

All prints come on high quality paper with a Certificate of Authenticity.

“Elephant Rock”

Not far from my elementary school in Simi Valley, California. This awesome formation, complete with an arch below the trunk, used to be on private property. On the ranch of the fabled old man Runkle no less. If he caught you on his land you would surely take a shotgun blast of salt rock in the rear end. Or so the legend goes. Now it is surrounded by houses but I left them out for old times sakes.

This one was quick at about 19 1/2 hours. Can’t wait to see a proof!

30 second time lapse below.

“Tarawa Sand”

In honor of the Marines that fought across all the islands of the Pacific during World War 2. From a photo taken at Tarawa. My grandfather John Thalman was a Seabee in the Pacific.

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