#3 of 3. “Shane” may be one of the all time most iconic westerns and this scene with Alan Ladd’s “Shane” facing off with Jack Palance as “Wilson” is the tense conclusion. Jack is the epitome of western bad guys and he really doesn’t like being called “a low down yankie liar.” It took 72 and 1/2 hours not counting research. This one put a strain on the old iPad.

Time-lapse video!

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“Boot Hill”

This one was actually started and then was completely scrapped because the resolution was to low and then was redone from beyond the horizon forward as I like to work. From “The Magnificent Seven”, these were the bad guys guarding Boot Hill. What a great scene with Yule Brenner and Steve McQueen running them off. Don’t offhand know the names of these five but they look like they mean business. All digital concocted in Procreate on iPad Pro. Almost 60 hours of work. 12″x 28″.

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Time-lapse video!

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